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For students

Accommodations at PU dormitories

Accommodations at the modern Olomouc dormitories is intended primarily for full-time students of Palacký University. Others are welcome, capacity permitting – the Accommodations office will determine the number of available spaces. There are two main complexes intended for university students – the Envelopa and Neředín complexes. At both places young people will find a number of places for spending their free time – sporting facilities, restaurants, and clubs.

University housing provides students with single, double, and triple rooms with shower and WC facilities at dormitories located in the Envelopa complex (17. listopadu, Bedřicha Václavka, Generála Svobody, J.L. Fischera, Šmeralova), in the new Neředín complex (Neředín I, Neředín II, Neředín III, Neředín IV), and the Evžena Rošického, Chválkovice, and Marie Kudeříkové dormitories.

Standard dormitory facilities include internet connection (for valid EU student ID card holders) and telephones connected to the university network, equipped kitchens, study rooms, TV rooms, laundry rooms, dryers, and internet nodes. Main complexes feature dining halls, parking lots, city transit connections, sports facilities, doctors’ offices, and also student clubs – such as the U-klub and Doga.

Dining at PU dining halls

Students can dine in their choice of several dining halls, the largest of which is located directly in the Envelopa dormitory complex. They can make use of an easy identification card system and order meals via the internet (http://menza.upol.cz). They can choose from seven different meals – ready-to-serve and short-order – at lunch. Prices range from CZK 25–68. Students can also order hot meals at the dining halls on třída Svobody, in Holice, and in Neředín.


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Long-term housing of students

Housing of emploees, lecturers and general public
tel.: +420 777 000 202, +420 585 638 016

Head of the Dining Department
tel.: +420 585 638 020

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