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Neředín IVDormitory Neředín IV

Dormitory Neředín IV

Six-storey building with two separate entrances, A and B. Entrance A has a lift and rooms arranged in suites. Each suite has four or five rooms with above-average furnishings, each room has a refrigerator, internet and television connections.

Address:U Letiště 847, Olomouc, Czech Republic, CZ-77111
tel. (reception): +420 585 638 824

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Transit connections:
The nearest tram stop is “Neředín – krematorium” (lines 2, 7).
The nearest bus stop is “Neředín – krematorium” (line 26).
Connections from Olomouc main train station:
Trams no. 2 or 7 in the direction of Neředín, last stop (“Neředín – krematorium”).
Olomouc public transit information can be found on the pages of Dopravní podnik města Olomouce.

Distance of the dormitory from the town centre:
The dormitory is located in the Neředín suburb of Olomouc  (map).

Long-term housing

The dormitory is intended primarily for full-time students of Palacký University; others are welcome, capacity permitting.

Housing category

Single and double rooms in suites.

Description of the dormitory and facilities

Six-storey building with two separate entrances A and B; entrance A is equipped with a lift.

Each suite has four or five rooms with above-average furnishings and equipment, including internet and television connections and internal telephone system.

Each suite is equipped with two bathrooms and toilets, a kitchen unit with electric two-burner stove, electric kettle, and micro-wave oven.

Automatic washing and drying machines and bicycle rooms are available in the basement of each entrance.

Linen service: bed linens exchanged every fortnight at the dormitory Neředín III.

Irons, ironing boards, and vacuum cleaners are available at Neředín II reception.

The lobby is equipped with a television set for public viewing.

Parking spaces for personal vehicles are available.

A sports facility is located within the complex.


Administration of accommodations is located in the clerk’s office at the dormitory Neředín II (tel: +420 585 638 883).
Office hours: Mon–Thu 7–15:00, Fri 7-11:30.


132 beds in total
44 single rooms
44 double rooms (88 beds)

Price of accommodation


Short-term housing

Short-term accommodation (up to 30 days) is intended for employees and full-time students of Palacký University, exchange students, participants of sporting and other events organised by Palacký University, PU guests, holders of international student or teacher cards, children’s groups, the handicapped and the general public.

Housing category

Single rooms and double-bed suites with toilet and shower facilities and above-average furnishings. Each room has access to a balcony with a panoramic view of Olomouc.
16 beds in total
8 single rooms (8 beds)
4 double rooms (8 beds)

U Letiště 847, Olomouc, Czech Republic, CZ-77111
tel. (reception): +420 585 638 824


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Long-term housing of students

Housing of emploees, lecturers and general public
tel.: +420 777 000 202, +420 585 638 016

Head of the Dining Department
tel.: +420 585 638 020

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