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MenzyDining halls

Dining halls

PU Dining offers dining to students and employees of PU, and to others according to capacity, in these dining halls and canteens:

17. listopadu






Canteens and dining halls offer at least 7 choices of ready-to-serve meals or short-order meals, featuring a variety of Czech cuisines, specialties, and fast food. Prices for PU students and employees range between CZK 25–68 and for others from CZK 48–91. Soups (CZK 6–8) and salads (CZK 6–12) are also available.

Selection, preparation, and serving of meals are carried out with the help of the most modern technology and in accordance to the Hygiene Regulation No. 137 on serving food. For added diners’ comfort there is an easy  system using identification cards and ordering over the internet. The PU dining team prepares 6,500 meals daily, lunches, dinners, short-order meals.
We’re looking forward to serving you!

Ordering meals

Ordering meals via the internet
Meals can be ordered via the internet at http://menza.upol.cz.
Your identification number and password are generated at the dining hall payment window.

If you wish English version of the application and menu, follow the link above. On the website menza.upol.cz, choose appropriate flag on your right hand upper corner. It will only change language of application, but not its menu! To change the language of the menu, login your account and choose from top menu “Settings”, where “Language settings are. Choose “English” from the drop down menu (Language application and menu), click “Save languages” and “Log out” on your right hand upper corner. After this procedure, login again and your application and menu should be in English language now. Translations of the menu are actualized one or two weeks in advance.

Ordering meals in the dining hall For ordering meals in the dining hall use the week’s order reader, ordering point, or comprehensive meal ordering point. For more information (description of the system equipment, instructions), visit the page Ordering meals.


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Long-term housing of students

Housing of emploees, lecturers and general public
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Head of the Dining Department
tel.: +420 585 638 020

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