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Housing Guide

Student housing

Palacký University Accommodation and Dining Administration is responsible for providing these services to university students. A complete list of dormitory facilities and information on them can be found in the section Dormitories. Rooms at all dormitories offer similar comfort; prices differ according to the furnishings and number of beds. Precise rules and regulations regarding accommodation are determined by the PU Dormitory Board.

How does one apply for housing?
First it is necessary to apply for accommodation at https://www.iskam.upol.cz/Login/ You will need to know your credentials: your surname and PN. You are supposed to get your credentials from your faculty once you are accepted for studies. You can check this guide ho to reserve your accommodation.

When you are awarded accommodation, you have 14 days to sign the Contract on Accommodation and pay a deposit in the amount of CZK 1500. Otherwise, your space will be given to another student. Immediately after signing the Contract you will be given a non-transferable dormitory I.D. (“Kolejka”).
Nota bene! If you are a first-year student beginning studies and you do not sign the Contract on Accommodation, you lose your privilege to university accommodation. One should regularly check the web pages of Accommodation and Dining, so as not to miss any important news. For the same reason, you should check your student e-mail account at least once a week after registering for classes.

How does one pay for accommodation?
One can arrange an automatic monthly payment from one’s bank account, a lump payment from one’s bank account, or arrange monthly payments at the post office. One can also pay in cash, especially on arrival at the dormitory. In special circumstances one can pay by credit card (MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Expres , at the PU Accommodation and Dining technical facility. Credit card payments will be charged a processing fee.

Information for non-first-year students
Second-year students and above who want to live in the dormitories in the next academic year should not forget to sign the Contract on Accommodation. If one cannot come in person (e.g. due to temporary residency abroad), it is enough to state your intentions for accommodation in written form.
Palacký University Accommodation and Dining is responsible to post the results for second-year students and above who have requested accommodation but were not granted such accommodation on the organisation’s web pages by 1 September.

Important telephone numbers
Student housing for less than one month: +420 585 638 016
Student housing for more than one month: +420 585 638 026 (+420 606 398 176)


Other accommodations

Palacký University provides accommodations for its employees, especially lecturers and researchers at its colleges.
Palacký University also offers hostel accommodations for visitors to PU and to the general public.


Summer AccommodationKOLEJNET - connecting to internetSKM Information Services


Long-term housing of students

Housing of emploees, lecturers and general public
tel.: +420 777 000 202, +420 585 638 016

Head of the Dining Department
tel.: +420 585 638 020

Last update: 09. 01. 2017, Jaroslav Vrba