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Dormitories and dining halls of Palacký University

University dormitories

We offer housing for students, Czech and international students, lecturers and guests all year round. We provide hotel-type accommodation for tourists and visitors of Olomouc. If you are trying to find accommodation for a group of friends who came to visit you, you may turn to us. Apart from housing we take care for the stomachs of our clients as well. Our dining halls provide quality, tasteful and cheap meals for students, Palacký University employees and tourists every day of the week. We can prepare meals and refreshments for guests at various conferences, seminars, sports events and company gatherings.

Newly reconstructed facilities for modern housing and catering

Housing and catering facilities went through extensive reconstruction resulting in quality and comfort improvements in everyday life of the students. At present we offer more than 5300 beds and we serve meals to more than 6 500 boarders.

Students of Olomouc university stay in single, double or triple rooms with bathroom facilities (shower and toilet) in the Envelopa campus (17. listopadu, Bedřicha Václavka, Generála Svobody, J. L. Fischera, Šmeralova) in the new dormitories in Neředín campus (Neředín I, Neředín II, Neředín III, Neředín IV) and in the dormitories Evžena Rošického and Chválkovice.

Internet connections, land-line university network telephones, kitchens with equipment, study rooms, internet rooms, television rooms and laundries are standard in all dormitories. There are dining halls or canteens, parking lots, public transport stops, sports grounds for various types of sports, fit-centres, health-care facilities and student clubs in the vicinity of the dormitories.

We cater even for demanding customers

All types of customers are offered very reasonable prices for accommodation. Reduced prices are provided to groups over 30 people, holders of international student cards and children under 15. During summer we offer accommodation for large groups of guests. For demanding customers we offer apartments and one-room flats in attractive dormitories in Neředín and at Vančurova Dormitory.


Dining halls

Students and employees of Palacký University board in modern dining halls. The largest dining hall is situated in the main university campus Envelopa. A user-friendly system of identity cards and online booking is available for ordering meals in all Palacký University dining halls. You can choose among seven meals for lunch, either a ready-to-serve or a short-order one. The prices range from CZK 25–68 for Palacký University staff and students, others can dine within a range of CZK 48–91. You can buy a soup for CZK 6–8 and a salad for CZK 6–12.

Over 6,500 meals are prepared daily at Palacký University dining halls – breakfasts, lunches, dinners, short-order and ready-to-serve meals. The dining halls are situated at tř. 17. listopadu, tř. Svobody, Křížkovského street, in Holice and in Neředín.


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Long-term housing of students

Housing of emploees, lecturers and general public
tel.: +420 777 000 202, +420 585 638 016

Head of the Dining Department
tel.: +420 585 638 020

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